All rights reserved.Photographs © Santosh Verma,India.
" There were many photographers who were nothing if not artists. Henry Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa and Kubota, among others. Santosh Verma belongs to that company. The use he makes of light is exquisite, and through the use of light, (which he handles as though he invented it), he has developed his own style as much as a painter or a writer would."
-Dom Moraes, Writer, Author, Poet.

I had my first encounter with the photographs of Santosh Verma when I met him in India. His black-and-white photographs were stunning, eloquent documenatary images...darkly beautiful, but powerful and urgent. .

There is much to be found in his varied work, especially in his more recent color photographs.. His well-developed color sensibility has inspired joyful expressions of the vitality of India

Santosh Verma is truely a photographer for all seasons.

India needs Santosh Verma's photographs-and the history of this medium needs them too.

David Haberstich.
Curator, Archives Centre,
Smithsonian National Miuseum.
I am available for assignments, commissioned work and my prints available for Private or Gallery Collections.

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